BIMUN began with the vision to promote understanding of international affairs and awareness of the United Nations among young people. By engaging in topics concerning security, economic development, and social progress, delegates learn to navigate the complexities of international negotiation and teamwork, adopt new perspectives and develop comprehensive resolutions to pressing global issues.The founder and the secretariat working for the conference understood the need and ability to provide a public platform for young minds to express their opinions about global issues.

The conference followed the steps and had committees exclusively for both school and college students along with International Press. The conference simulated committees like UNGA-PLENARY MEET, Historic UNSC, UNEA, UNGA- SOCHUM, UNHRC etc. The delegates participating in these committees discussed agendas related to the violation of rights of LGBT community, climate change, narcotics and drug trafficking, Crimean annexations etc.

BIMUN has received best greetings and wishes from political influencers and personality’s from the United Nations New York office for the conference and this simulation received a huge media coverage.BIMUN has partnered with several international conferences like CardiffMUN, Paris MUN, Rome international MUN, Berlin International MUN, RUMUN, Jaipur Youth Conclave and many more in the first edition.

We are thrilled to share our 2019 reel with you all